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CMD name comes from Lordess Durga stands Chinn Mastika Dham (HP). CMD Group has started it's career from CMD International. Now our other associates are :
Jagdamba Sales
CMD Overseas
Ambaji Impex

We provide all kind of services in textile fabrics and in yarns of industrial and textile purpose. Currently we are giving our services to industries from Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, China, Vietnam, Malaysia and home country India.

We are dealing with textile and warp knitted fabrics and textile and industrial yarns. In yarn, we deal in Nylon, Polyester, Viscose, Cotton, Rayon, Spandex, Speciality yarn, Microfilament yarns, Deployed yarn.

Our company is a customer driven, not speculation driven. For us our existence and growth is inescapably related to growth and satisfaction of our buyers and suppliers. CMD Group is a dynamic organization which is highly responsive to market trend and changes so that it can realize its vision of being customer/service/excellence oriented and a globally respected company.

We provide yarn specially for warp knitting industry, fancy yarn industry, industrial yarns as well as we cater :

Warp Knitted Fabrics
Shoe Cloth Fabrics
Fabrics for Automobiles
Fabrics for travel industry
Lingerie Fabrics
Home Furnishing
Bridal Fabrics
Industrial Fabrics
Tyre code Fabrics
Hose Pipe Industries
Tyre Industry
Car Safety Belts
Fish net industry
Fancy Yarns
Chinile Yarns
Flex Fabrics Yarns
Swing Thread Yarns


Our company aims to provide service with the motto of being honest and earning customer delight by exceeding their expectations. Backed by an extensive global network we source variety of products for our clients. We create value for our customers by providing comprehensive supply or off take solutions by providing market information and trends. We work with our customers and suppliers to minimize their commodity price exposure wherever possible. CMD Group constantly seeks opportunities to add value to its clients' business. We also provide a unique platform to our overseas principals for marketing their products effectively in India, or for that matter, anywhere in the world to reliable customers. We even assist companies in finding new markets in any corner of the globe.


Since its foundation, the company has made outstanding achievements with its good service, personnel training and strengthened management in order to aim to enhance our main business of textile yarns. With our services, companies optimize their sourcing expenses, boost internal efficiency and sharpens competitive edge. We have strong foundation and goodwill in textiles in domestic and international market.

We have been able to establish good relationship with the recognized suppliers.  We have tied up with reliable mills in India, China, Taiwan, Vietnam,Korea and Indonesia for the supply of various yarns. Over the years, our company has been able to build a network of credible buyers. Currently we are doing business of textile yarns with our buyers in India.

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Our Mission

To cause the best sourcing opportunities for our customers in terms of cost competitiveness, quality, timely deliveries and services. To enable the growth of our suppliers in the markets of their choice together with reliability of the customers. To ensure that both the parties enjoy a successful and profitable relationship.

Our Vision

To be acknowledged as globally respected company, known for its motto of being customer/service/excellence oriented .