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      Nylon Yarn


      Nylon Filament/Flat Yarn (FDY) Type 6 & 66

      Regular Deniers:
      Ranging from 20D to 140D in multifilaments in all lustres

      High Tencity Denier:
      210D, 420D, 840D, 1680D in multifilaments
      Available in all lustres like SD, FD, BRT.

      Nylon Textured Yarn (DTY) Type 6 & 66
      20D, 40D, 70D, 100D in multifilaments with 1 PLY & 2 PLY
      (S & Z Twist)

      Nylon POY
      100D/68F FD, 50D/13F SD, 20D/7F SD, 70D/24F BRT, 90D/
      26F SD,20D/7F SD,100D/26F BRT
      (Available in all lustres like SD, FD, BRT and all Grades)

Nylon Waste

Fiber Waste – Bright or semi dull / dull
               Free Fall - Semi dull / Bright
               Nylon Lumps
               Fiber / Textured





Nylon Chips

Nylon Chips SD, FD, BRT
(Textile & Technical Grade)


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