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Fabrics Weaves Characteristics Uses
Broadcloth Plain weave. Closely woven with smooth finish. Shirts, dresses, particularly the tailored type in plain colors, blouses, summer wear.
Canvas Plain. Mostly rugged. Hair canvas is an interfacing material in various weights.
Challis Plain. Soft and very lightweight. Women's and children's dresses and blouses, kimonos, neckties, and sportswear.
Chiffon Plain. Lightweight, sheer, and transparent. Evening wear, blouses and scarves.
Crepe Mostly plain but various weaves. Crinkled and puckered surface with rough feel and appearance. Depending on weight, it is used for dresses of all types, including long dinner dresses, suits, and coats.
Denim Twill Originally had dark blue, brown or dark gray warp with a white or gray filling giving a mottled look and used only for work clothes. Comes in heavy and lighter weights. Pants, caps, uniforms, bedspreads, slipcovers, draperies, upholstery, sportswear.
Drill Twill. Closer, flatter wales that gabardine. Uniforms, work clothes, slip covers, sportswear, and many industrial uses.
Flannel Usually twill, some plain. Soft, with a napped surface that partially cancels the weave. Dull finish. Made in a variety of weights. Shrinks if not pre-shrunk. Sags with wear, unless underlined. Does not shine or hold a crease. Blazers, dresses, skirts, suits and coats. Boys suits, jackets, and shirts.
Gabardine Steep twill Clear finish, tightly woven, firm, durable. Wears extremely well. Inclined to shine with wear. Hard to press properly. Men's and women's tailored suits, coats, raincoats, uniforms, and men's shirts.
Georgette Plain. It is characterized by it's crispness, body and outstanding durability. It is sheer and has a dull face.  
Oxford Plain variations - usually basket 2 x 1. Warp has two fine yarns which travel as one and one heavier softly-spun bulky filling which gives it a basket-weave look. Rather heavy. Men's shirts mostly. Summer jackets, shirts, skirts, dresses, and sportswear.
Pongee Plain. Light or medium weight. Dresses, blouses, summer suits.
Sateen Sateen filling-face weave. Lustrous and smooth with the sheen in a filling direction. Better qualities are mercerized to give a higher sheen. Dresses, sportswear, robes, pajamas.
Satin Satin. Usually has a lustrous surface and a dull back. Made in many colors, weights, varieties, qualities, and degrees of stiffness. Slips, evening wear, coats, capes, and jackets, lining fabrics, millinery.
Taffeta Usually plain with a fine cross rib. It is smooth with a sheen on its surface. The textures vary considerably. They have a crispness and stiffness. Dressy evening wear: suits and coats, slips, ribbons, blouses, dresses.
Voile Plain, loosely woven. Sheer and very light weight. To obtain a top quality fabric, very highly twisted yarns are used. Voile drapes and gathers very well. Dresses, blouses.


Meter convert to Yard: 1 MT = 1.0936 YDS
Yard convert to Meter: 1 YD = 0.9144 MTS
Inch convert to Centimeter: 1 Inch = 2.54 cm
Yard convert to Inches("): 1 YD = 36"
Square Yard convert to Square Meter = 1 : 0.836
Square Meter convert to Square Yard = 1 : 1.196

1 ounce = 28.35 gram
1 gram = 0.03527 ounces
1 pound = 16 ounces
1 pound = 453.592 grams

GLM = (GSM X Fabric Width) / 39.37

GSM (Grams per Square Meter) convert to GM/MT (Grams per Meter):

For 44": ___ GSM x 1.1176 = ___ GM/M
For 58": ___ GSM x 1.4732 = ___ GM/M
For 60": ___ GSM x 1.524 = ___ GM/M

GSM (Grams per Square-meter) convert to GM/YD (Grams per Yard):

For 44": ___ GSM x 1.0219 = ___GM/YD
For 58": ___ GSM x 1.347 = ___GM/YD
For 60": ___ GSM x 1.3935 = ___GM/YD